November 2019: What Can We Learn From Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy?

November 19, 2019

Speaker: Edward P. Joseph

   About the Speaker:   

Edward P. Joseph has 15 years’ experience in conflict areas from the Balkans to the Middle East to Haiti, and is a foreign policy professional, commentator and lecturer who brings an on-the-ground perspective to his work.

Serving with the UN, the US Army, NATO, Catholic Relief Services and the International Crisis Group, he was an active participant in the international effort to bring peace during and after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

Among his senior international positions, Mr. Joseph served as the US-nominated Deputy Ambassador of one of the largest democracy and human rights missions in the world – the OSCE Mission in Kosovo. In April, 2012, Mr. Joseph personally negotiated an eleventh-hour agreement between Serbia and Kosovo that averted a crisis and another violent confrontation between the two neighbors. The breakthrough accomplishment earned the praise of leaders on both sides, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and OSCE Secretary-General Lamberto Zannier.

Mr. Joseph also served on missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Haiti. Trained as a helicopter pilot in the Army Reserve, Mr. Joseph is a veteran, deployed with NATO in Bosnia.  He speaks Croatian / Serbian, and French, Italian and Spanish.

A broadcast and print commentator, Mr. Joseph has been published in virtually all major outlets, including The New York Times and Foreign Affairs.  His article, ‘The Balkans, Interrupted’ was selected as one of ‘The Year’s Best.’

Mr. Joseph earned his J.D. at the University of Virginia School of Law, and his B.A. and M.A., respectively, from Johns Hopkins University, and its School of Advanced International Studies (where he teaches.)

   Program Recording:   

VPM Radio has recorded this program and an archived streaming link to the audio recording as well as our own video version is available here.

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