Richmond World Affairs Council

Meet our new Intern!

          Nishil Thakkar
Hello everyone! My name is Nishil and I am so excited about my upcoming internship with the World Affairs Council of the Greater Richmond Area! 
As a graduate from the IB program at Henrico High School, as well as a future attendee of the School of International Service at American University, there is no summer job or internship in the state that could match up to what WAC is offering me. My passions include world politics, languages, and diplomacy, especially in regards to the United Nations and other peacekeeping organizations. In my first few days here at WAC, I have spent hours doing what I love, reading the news, and probing through Twitter to discover the latest and most pressing current events in our area as well as in our world. 
As a future Washingtonian, I hope to first make my mark here in the Richmond area with the World Affairs Council before going to college and joining WACA, the World Affairs Council of America, where I will be able to meet foreign officials and diplomats pertinent to my area of study at American University. 
I’m very much looking forward to my time here at WAC!